There are many world class beaches within a short 10-15 min drive away. Be sure to check the Ballena Tales for the tide charts, It is always best to avoid high tide.
The closest beaches are:

Playa Ventanas: This beach has recently had facelift with easy access and safe parking right at the beach. Nice palm trees on the beach help to provide some relief from the hot sun when necessary. There are fabulous caves there that are worth while checking out.

Playa Pinuela: This is a very nice beach with a great view but it is a rocky beach, so go at low tide so that you can find some sand. You can park right at the beach for no charge.

Playa Ballena: Access via Villa Leonor Beach Club (see Restaurants section) is highly recommended. You can safely park at the restaurant while you play in the water but it is requested that you have something to drink and or eat, so we always plan on having lunch there after playing in the waves. This is a great walking beach with a beautiful view of the “Three Sisters” and “Roca Ballena”. Also great for just playing in the waves.

A little further away are more beaches to explore but the more notable ones are:

Playa Uvita: this is where the Whale’s Tail is. If you have not seen pictures of this be sure to google it. It is a Sand bar that extends into the ocean from the beach that leads to a Rocky corral area. Go at lower tide so that you can walk on the sand bar. It is a beautiful beach. The water on either side of the sand bar is gentle with smaller waves and a very gentle slope into the water. Excellent for less experienced swimmers and just laying in the lapping waters. The is small coral reef at the top end so worth bringing some snorkelling equipment. This beach is right in Uvita; so probably 20-25 minutes from the house. It is part of the Ballena National park so you will need to pay to access it. There are also parking lots in the area.

Playa Hermosa: This beach is closer to Domincal. It is one of the hot surfing spots in the area.

For more information visit search: Ballena Beaches at south pacific Costa Rica

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